New Year's Eve In Auckland City

New Year's Eve In Auckland City. Auckland's newest New Years eve festival is for friends, families and party people of all ages. 



Fall into the colourful rhythm of everyday life, of mums with prams and gym clothes. Of small computers and meal plans. The beautiful sparkle of simplicity, like the sun on the ocean or a car bonnet. Influenced by the likes of Grace Jones and Talking Heads, Cut Off Your Hands explores the vulnerability and joy of living, through the textural and multi-layered sonic wonderland of new singles ‘On The Sea’ and ‘Live For Each Other’.

Elements of funk and dance music interweave with the soulful croon of lead vocalist Nick Johnston, constructing vivid and enchanting landscapes in which both the importance of loving each other and the complexities of human relationship

are exposed under the guise of head-bopping summer anthems.
The band has been working with producer Jeremy Toy throughout the songwriting process, falling in love with old influences and finding inspiration in the candor of self-reflection and shared human experience that comes from rich relationship with others.

The result is a body of work that pairs honesty and vulnerability with tight grooves and colourful melodies.

‘On The Sea’ and ‘Live For Each Other’ will be released alongside music videos in the lead-up to the album drop – a tasty sampler of the finger-licking, foot tapping record to come.