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New Year's Eve In Auckland City. Auckland's newest New Years eve festival is for friends, families and party people of all ages. 

High hØØps

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HIGH HØØPS is the sunset escape project of left handed Aquarian Jordan Arts.

The multimode artist endeavours to shake modern sonic atmospheres centred in groove and ambience into nostalgic retro worlds with a refreshing spin. Like a reconnaissance mission to a parallel universe. Bobbing and weaving somewhere between experimental pop and ghettoblaster R&B music, the vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist has little respect to genre and every desire to blaze the trail.

“This project only ever existed as a personal escape from the real world and if I can’t set amood to it or dance to it myself at max volume then it’ll never see the light of day. The rest will figure itself out” he admits.

The HØØPS-directed 6am hot-stepping video for ‘Madly‘ brought the project full circle showcase Arts talents both in front and behind the camera. ‘People’ came as third release of 2018, with ‘Can I Get Love’ and ‘Body’ on the slower, more sensual end of the the spectrum. Melding soul, electronica, RnB and house music, HIGH HØØPS aims to evade genres and create his own brand of self assured dance music production.

HIGH HØØPS started off his live music career in royal company when he opened for Lorde. He’s since shared stages with iconic pro- ducers such as Kaytranada, MNDSGN, Harvey Sutherland & Bermuda, all while crafting out psych-pop tunes with the endearing five- piece Auckland music collective, Leisure.