New Year's Eve In Auckland City

New Year's Eve In Auckland City. Auckland's newest New Years eve festival is for friends, families and party people of all ages. 

matthew young


I spent the end of 2015 in my bed, staring into the middle distance or watching end-on-end Simpsons episodes on my computer (got through like 11 seasons) and slept about 2 or 3 hours a day and got back to it. The months following that are pretty blurry, but mostly consisted of trips to the shrink, spending my time at bars, on more than a few benders and collecting a new family of friends to distract me from my own crazy life.

In spite of all the bad, I starting making progress again. Coming through months of being under medicated, over medicated or feeling like the guy from Silver Linings Playbook, I finally figured some shit out and got to making music again

Matthew Young emerged onto Soundcloud shrouded in mystique; as he began to seep his future-sexed alt-B tracks across the internet, building into his first major project titled DIVE, an EP released mid 2015. DIVE quickly found a pedestal on music blogs and garnered him the attention of labels and publishers from across the globe. Soon after, Matthew released his track ‘For You - Low Life’, which showcased more of his fluency as a producer and revealed him as an artist who blah blah blah- then I had a nervous breakdown and went completely off the deep end.

That’s what happens when you’re living with undiagnosed bipolar disorder while trying to do this music thing.