New Year's Eve In Auckland City

New Year's Eve In Auckland City. Auckland's newest New Years eve festival is for friends, families and party people of all ages. 


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Co-produced by Fat Freddy’s Drop Mu and celebrating its 10th anniversary, Time Is Not Much, the debut Ladi6 album, introduced a series of future soul classics to the NZ vernacular. Along the way it smashed the NZ album charts Top 5 and made a serious impression in Europe after being swiftly picked up by leading London indie BBE. Despite its success leading to amazing opportunities, including supporting late legend Gil Scott-Heron, there was never any question of making the same record twice. 

In batshit crazy 2018 Diagonals is advocating for the unconventional and riding for the non- conformers. It is truly nextest business and the opening salvo in a series of three singles that will lead up to the fourth, full length Ladi6 album, which is currently scheduled for September 2019.

Ladi6 is the group project of vocalist Ladi and an overabundantly talented trio of accomplished producers in the shape of her partner Parks, drummer Julie Dyne and keyboard player Brandon Haru.

Born and raised in Christchurch, it was a year long family move to Tanzania that initially awoke Ladi’s songwriting and performance talents. That led onto the formation of her first outfit, ferocious femme-cees Sheelahroc, at the turn of the century. Short lived but truly incandescent, Sheelahroc lit the fuse for a move to Auckland and the formation of live hip hop ensemble Verse Two. Here Ladi’s creative partnership with Parks and Julien Dyne began to truly blossom, giving an inkling of the musical majesty that was yet to come.