New Year's Eve in Auckland City

New Year's Eve In Auckland City. Auckland's newest New Years eve festival is for friends, families and party people of all ages. 



A fresh sea breeze blows by, waves roll in, and the view stretches across the water all the way to the horizon. As the sun crosses the sky, shifting shadows from one room to the next, cold drinks quench that summer thirst, good times are had, and the world seems full of possibility.

It may sound romanticised, but that’s the idyllic atmosphere in which LEISURE was born. And that’s the golden groove you hear in every song created by this unusual New Zealand band. Five guys who’d been writing songs and producing records in various guises, for many years they were looking for a new creative outlet unconstrained by over-thinking, over-planning, and excessive control.


In the 18 months since they posted their debut single Got It Bad, the five-piece have continued to garner attention.

Bloggers love them; they’ve had more than eight million streams across the seven songs released so far, they’ve signed with Saiko Management and have released their self-titled debut album, which reached fans in every corner of the globe.

If their expectations had initially been small, their horizon is now adjusting accordingly, as fans worldwide continue to connect with their manifesto of living the good life, and their over-riding code to keep things LEISURE.