New Year's Eve in Auckland City

New Year's Eve In Auckland City. Auckland's newest New Years eve festival is for friends, families and party people of all ages. 


Through cavernous lows, blissful highs and globe-trotting adventures, music has been by enigmatic folk singer songwriter Nadia Reid’s side the entire way.
With two critically acclaimed albums under her belt, Reid has spent the best part of two years touring extensively. Whether in New Zealand’s familiar rugged beaches and mountains, brutally windy Wellington, her hometown harbour Port Chalmers or the untrodden territory of faceless hotel rooms or the jungle in Kuala Lumpur, every episode of loss, heartbreak, and disappointment glimmers throughout her.

"Her songs are either oblique, or tight, and parsimonious. It keeps you listening." says The Guardian. 

An ode to self-reflection and self-betterment, her sophomore album Preservation is the sound of Nadia showing her true colours, taking back a bit of power, and learning more about herself. Deeply intellectual but felt by all, it punches harder than before. Nadia’s beautifully warm vocals coolly wrap around feelings of turbulence, and exude a gently improved confidence.